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[3/13/2019] Tsuyoshi Nishioka to join Tochigi Golden Braves

The BC League’s Tochigi Golden Braves announced that they added thirty-four-year-old Tsuyoshi Nishioka to their roster. He was assigned the uniform number 1. A press conference is scheduled for March 18.

Source: Tochigi 3/12/2019, Sponiochi 3/12/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/12/2019, Sanspo 3/12/2019, Tokyo Sports 3/12/2019, Daily Sports 3/12/2019


[12/19/2018] Takayuki Terauchi to manage Tochigi Golden Braves

The Tochigi Golden Braves of the BC League announced that they hired Takayuki Terauchi to be their new manager. Terauchi spent twelve years in the Yomiuri organization before retiring at the end of the season this year.

Tochigi also announced to additions to their staff:

  • Yasushi Iihara – player/head coach
  • Yoshifumi Okada – outfield/base coach

Source: Tochigi 12/19/2018


[3/4/2018] Shuichi Murata to sign with Tochigi Golden Braves

The media learned today that thirty-seven-year-old Shuichi Murata reached an agreement with the BC League’s Tochigi Golden Braves. An official announcement will be made on March 5. A press conference is scheduled for March 9.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/4/2018, Sponichi 3/4/2018, Sports Hochi 3/4/2018

[UPDATE 3/5 @ 9:47pm]

Tochigi announced today that they added Murata to their team. He was assigned the uniform number 25.

Source: Tochigi 3/5/2018

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