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[2/3/2019] Rakuten Eagles to give Luis Jimenez a look during spring camp

The Rakuten Eagles announced that they are going to take a look at thirty-one-year-old Luis Jimenez during Kumejima spring camp. He joined Ni-gun camp on February 3 and will move to Ichi-gun for two days beginning on February 7. The Eagles see Jimenez as insurance for Zelous Wheeler and Jabari Blash.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/3/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/3/2019, Daily Sports 2/3/2019, Daily Sports 2/3/2019, Sports Hochi 2/3/2019

[UPDATE 2/8 @ 11:36pm]

Jimenez’s tryout ended today. The Eagles are interested but still want more time to evaluate his talent and could offer him an Ikusei contract to start.

Source: Daily Sports 2/8/2019, Sports Hochi 2/8/2019, Sponichi 2/8/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/8/2019


[1/15/2019] Chunichi Dragons to give Sandy Brito a look during spring camp

The Chunichi Dragons are planning to give twenty-two-year-old Sandy Brito a look during spring camp in February. Brito is slated to arrive in Japan later this month and will attend Okinawa camp from February 1. He will be a candidate for an Ikusei contract.

Source: Sponichi 1/15/2019, Sanspo 1/15/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/15/2019

[UPDATE 2/6 @ 1:40am]

Brito pitched in a batting practice scrimmage on February 4. He faced four batters, walked the first three, and got the fourth to fly out to left. He threw twenty pitches, all fastballs, and topped out at 151km/h. Fifteen of the twenty pitches he threw were balls.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/4/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/5/2019, Sponichi 2/4/2019


[2/12/2018] Lotte expected to sign Otonari, F. Peguero, Lee

The Chiba Lotte Marines are expected to sign thirty-three-year-old pitcher Kenji Otonari, twenty-nine-year-old Francisco Peguero, and twenty-nine-year-old Tu-Hsuan Lee. All three players are attending spring camp as tryouts.

Otonari pitched in an intra-squad game on February 12. He pitched one inning, faced five hitters, and allowed a run on two hits and a walk. Peguero and Lee each had good intra-squad games on February 11: Peguero went 1-for-2 with a home run and Lee went 2-for-4 with a home run. Both players went hitless (Peguero 0-for-4 and Lee 0-for-2) on February 12.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/12/2018, Sports Hochi 2/12/2018, Sponichi 2/12/2018, Daily Sports 2/12/2018

[UPDATE 2/16 @ 4:18pm]

The Marines officially signed Otonari (one year at ten million yen), Peguero (one year at 60,000 US dollars), and Lee (one year at five million yen) to contracts. They were also assigned uniform numbers:

  • Kenji Otonari – 55
  • Francisco Peguero – 65
  • Tu-Hsuan Lee – 67

Source: Sports Hochi 2/16/2018, Sports Hochi 2/16/2018, Daily Sports 2/16/2018, Sponichi 2/16/2018, Sanspo 2/16/2018

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[11/17/2016] Tom de Blok attends tryout with the Rakuten Eagles

Twenty-year-old Tom de Blok attended a two-day tryout with the Rakuten Eagles at kobo Stadium (November 15 and 16). He tossed a bullpen session on the first day and threw about thirty pitches. He pitched in a batting practice scrimmage on the second day and faced five hitters, threw about forty pitches, allowed two could-be hits, and topped out at 145km/h. The Eagles have not yet made a decision on him. They told reporters they liked that he was still young and felt he showed promise.

de Blok tossed two shutout innings during a Samurai Japan Exhibition Series game on November 13.

Source: Kahoku 11/16/2016Sponichi 11/17/2016


[11/17/2016] Yomiuri Giants checking Yoshihiro Ito during fall camp

The Yomiuri Giants invited Lotte senryokugai Yoshihiro Ito to fall camp for a tryout between November 16 and 18. Ito tossed a bullpen session (forty-one pitches) in front of Yoshinobu Takahashi on November 16.

Source: Daily Sports 11/17/2016, Sponichi 11/17/2016

[UPDATE 11/20 @ 6:10pm]

Ito did not pass his tryout with the Giants. He is planning to retire and is interested in working with children. He could pursue a career as a teacher.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/20/2016, Sponichi 11/20/2016, Sponichi 11/20/2016


[11/13/2016] Chiba Lotte Marines to give three players a tryout

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced that they invited thirty-year-old Kohei Shibata, twenty-five-year-old Kentaro Inomoto, and twenty-three-year-old Kazuma Mike to a tryout during fall camp, between November 15 and 17.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/13/2016

[UPDATE 11/16 @ 5:39pm]

Mike played in an intra-squad game on November 16. He got the start center and batted ninth for the Reds. He went 2-for-2: single to left in the third, single to center in the fifth, HBP and one RBI in the sixth.

Source: Sanspo 11/16/2016

[UPDATE 11/18 @ 12:08am]

Shibata played in an intra-squad game on November 16. He started in center and batted seventh for the Whites. He reached on an error in his first at bat and promptly stole second. He grounded out to short and lined out to short in his next two at bats.

Source: Daily Sports 11/17/2016

[UPDATE 11/18 @ 5:35pm]

Shibata started in center and batted lead-off during an intra-squad game on November 17. He made a nice catch on defense in the first inning. He recorded a single to right in the bottom of the first and a timely triple to left-center in the second. He worked out an eleven-pitch walk in the fifth.

Source: Daily Sports 11/18/2016

[UPDATE 12/2 @ 9:14pm]

Lotte announced today that Inomoto, Shibata, and Mike passed their tryouts with the team.

Source: Daily Sports 12/2/2016


[11/1/2016] Orix Buffaloes fall camp tryouts

The Orix Buffaloes are planing to give the following four players a tryout during fall camp:

  • Darryl George (23)
  • Ryan Evans (25)
  • Gonzalez Germen (29)
  • Carlos Pimentel (26)

Tryouts for George and Evans will take place between November 1 and November 8. Germen and Pimentel will be with the team between November 5 and November 17.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/1/2016, Daily Sports 11/1/2016

[UPDATE 11/8 @ 4:15am]

George’s tryout was extended until mid-November. The Buffaloes want to give him a chance to play in their practice game against LG (KBO). He recorded two hits in three plate appearances during a batting practice scrimmage on November 6. He recorded a single to center against Evans in his first plate appearance and a single to right off Koki Saito in his second plate appearance.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/8/2016

[UPDATE 11/14 @ 1:21am]

Pimentel and Germen pitched in a practice game against LG (KBO) on November 12. Pimentel started the game and tossed three perfect innings. Germen did not allow a run or hit over two innings in relief (he walked one).

The Buffaloes are planning to make a decision on the players after a practice game against LG (KBO) on November 17.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/13/2016, Sponichi 11/13/2016

[UPDATE 11/17 @ 12:20pm]

The media learned on November 16 that the Buffaloes are thinking about signing Germen. They feel he can provide help in the bullpen.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/17/2016

[UPDATE 11/18 @ 5:35pm]

Germen pitched in a practice game against LG on November 17. He faced seven hitters over 1.2 innings and struck out four. He gave up two hits and topped out at 150km/h.

Pimentel also made an appearance. He allowed a run on one hit over 1.1 innings of work.

Source: Daily Sports 11/18/2016, Sanspo 11/18/2016

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