Balentien, Wladimir バレンティン (ばれんてぃん)
Yakult Swallows | #4 | OF
Born: 07/01/1984 (age 35)
Height: 185cm
Weight: 100kg
Bats: R
Throws: R
Blood Type: N/A
History: セント・ポール・コーリション-マリナーズ-レッズ-3Aルイビル
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[12/25/2018] Yakult Swallows finalize contracts with Balentien, Buchanan, Huff, McGough, Suarez

The Yakult Swallows announced that they finalized salaries and contracts for five foreign players.

(Salaries are estimates)

Source: Yakult 12/25/2018, Tokyo Sports 12/25/2018, Nikkan Sports 12/25/2018, Sponichi 12/25/2018, Sports Hochi 12/25/2018, Daily Sports 12/25/2018, Daily Sports 12/25/2018


[8/27/2018] Wladimir Balentien blasts 250th home run

Wladimir Balentien went deep against Shota Imanaga in the third inning of a game against the Yokohama Bay Stars at Jingu Stadium on August 26. The home run made Balentien the sixty-second player in NPB history (eighth foreign player in NPB history) to hit 250 home runs. He recorded the milestone home run in his 869th game, second fastest in NPB history, behind Alex Cabrera and Ralph Bryant’s 733 games.

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[6/9/2018] Wladimir Balentien hurts right hand

Wladimir Balentien hurt his right hand while making a catch up against the wall during the eighth inning of a game against the Orix Buffaloes at Jingu Stadium on June 8. He was replaced on defense in the ninth inning and is considered day-to-day.

Source: Sanspo 6/8/2018, Nikkan Sports 6/9/2018


[11/29/2017] Yakult Swallows sign Balentien, Buchanan to new contracts

The Yakult Swallows officially announced today that they reached agreements with the following two foreign players for the 2018 season:

According to Sports Hochi, the Swallows signed Balentien to a one-year deal and Buchanan to a two-year deal. Buchanan’s second year will be worth 2,000,000 US dollars. Both contracts also have performance bonuses.

(Salaries are estimates)

Source: Yakult 11/29/2017, Tokyo Sports 11/29/2017, Sports Hochi 11/29/2017, Sports Hochi 11/29/2017

[UPDATE 11/30 @ 2:43pm]

Balentien’s contract apparently includes a clause that allows the Swallows to fine him if he is fined or suspended by the NPB (for ejections).

Source: Sponichi 11/30/2017, Sports Hochi 11/30/2017, Daily Sports 11/30/2017

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[11/21/2017] Wladimir Balentien will most likely return to Yakult in 2018

According to report posted by Sports Hochi, Wladimir Balentien will most likely return to the Yakult Swallows in 2018 with a one-year deal in the three million US dollar range. The two sides are said to be in the in final stages of negotiations. An announcement could be made soon.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/21/2017

[UPDATE 11/22 @ 2:58pm]

The Swallows would like to make an announcement before the end of the month, ahead of the deadline for teams to file their list of reserved players.

Source: Sponichi 11/22/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/22/2017


[10/1/2017] Wladimir Balentien fined and suspended

Wladimir Balentien was ejected from a game against the Chunichi Dragons at Jingu Stadium on September 30 for insulting an umpire (he kicked some dirt on home plate after a strike out looking). The ejection was Balentien’s third of the season.

The NPB announced today that they issued the slugger a 100,000yen fine and a one-game suspension.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/1/2017


[9/20/2017] Yakult Swallows planning to sit down with Wladimir Balentien

According to Sanspo, the Yakult Swallows are planning to sit down with Wladimir Balentien to talk about the 2018 season. Balentien is in the final year of a three-year contract that is worth an estimated three million US dollars this year. If the Swallows offer Balentien a new contract, it will most likely be a one-year deal.

The Swallows realize it is not easy to find a player on the foreign market that can hit thirty home runs a year. They are also short on players and losing him could create a big hole. However, nothing is set in stone with a new manager joining the fray and the Swallows continually checking the overseas market for new talent.

Source: Sanspo 9/20/2017

[UPDATE 9/23 @ 1:58am]

Balentien likes the Swallows and considered them his second home. He would like to return next year if possible. He is even open to finishing his career with the team.

Source: Sanspo 9/22/2017

[UPDATE 10/4 @ 4:10pm]

Balentien returned to the United States out of Narita Airport today. Before leaving, he told reporters he ideally wanted to find a way back to the Majors, but considering his age, felt his best option might be to continue playing in Japan. He is more than open to returning next year under the right circumstances.

The Yomiuri Giants are planning to keep an eye on Balentien’s movements.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/4/2017, Sports Hochi 10/4/2017, Tokyo Sports 10/4/2017, Daily Sports 10/4/2017, Sponichi 10/4/2017

[UPDATE 11/19 @ 3:08am]

The Swallows feel Balentien might stay.

Source: Sanspo 11/17/2017


[8/24/2017] Wladimir Balentien leaves game with discomfort in calves

Wladimir Balentien felt discomfort in both his calves when he grounded out to third in the sixth inning of a game against the Hanshin Tigers at Jingu Stadium on August 24. He was removed on defense in the seventh inning. The Yakult Swallows do not think Balentien’s condition is serious. He was already feeling better after the game.

Source: Sanspo 8/24/2017


[7/29/2017] Wladimir Balentien homers in fifth straight game

Wladimir Balentien tied a Yakult Swallows’ franchise record by blasting a home run in his fifth straight game (July 25 – 29). Six other players in franchise history have hit home runs in five straight games:

The NPB record of seven was set by Sadaharu Oh in 1972 (September 11 – 20) and Randy Bass in 1985 (June 18 – 26).


[7/25/2017] Wladimir Balentien blasts 200th home run

Wladimir Balentien became the 102nd player in NPB history to reach the 200 home run milestone when he blasted a 2-2 pitch from Kazuki Yoshimi over the fence in the left during the first inning of a game against the Chunichi Dragons at Jingu Stadium on July 25. He also became the sixth quickest to 200 by recording the home run in his 707th game.

Source: Daily Sports 7/25/2017, Sanspo 7/25/2017

Player Games Date
Alex Cabrera 538 2005/7/11
Ralph Bryant 578 1993/8/19
Randy Bass 587 1987/10/3
Tyrone Woods 642 2007/8/16
Roberto Petagine 664 2004/6/29
Wladimir Balentien 707 2017/7/25


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