Standridge, Jason スタンリッジ (すたんりっじ)
Chiba Lotte Marines | #55 | P
Born: 11/08/1978 (age 42)
Height: 191cm
Weight: 110kg
Bats: R
Throws: R
Blood Type: N/A
History: ヒューイット・トゥルスビル高-デビルレイズ-レンジャーズ-レッズ-ロイヤルズ-ソフトバンク-米独立サマセット-3Aニューオリンズ-阪神-ソフトバンク
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[1/15/2018] Chiba Lotte Marines part ways with Jason Standridge

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced today that they were not going to sign thirty-nine–year-old Jason Standridge to a contract for the 2018 season. Standridge spent the last two season in the Lotte organization. He went 12-14 with a 3.80 ERA in forty-one games spanning 239 innings of work.

Source: Lotte 1/15/2018


[10/9/2017] Chiba Lotte Marines: foreign player status

According to Daily Sports, the Chiba Lotte Marines are thinking about offering thirty-five-year-old Wily Mo Pena a contract for the 2018 season. They see him as an important part of their line-up.

The Marines feel twenty-eight-year-old Jimmy Paredes has a number of adjustments to make, but could still be an interesting option.

Thirty-eight-year-old Jason Standridge and twenty-six-year-old Kuan-Yu Chen are expected to return. The Marines are not planning to offer twenty-eight-year-old Matt Duffy and thirty-year-old Roel Santos contracts for the 2018 season.

Source: Daily Sports 10/9/2017

[UPDATE 10/10 @ 3:57pm]

The Marines announced today that Pena and Paredes will return to their homes on October 11.

Source: Sanspo 10/10/2017

[UPDATE 11/29 @ 9:37pm]

The Marines could sign two position players from the overseas market. They are also open to signing a foreign closer.

Source: Daily Sports 11/29/2017


[9/16/2017] Jason Standridge wants to play at least one more year

Thirty-eight-year-old Jason Standridge told reporters on September 15 that he wants to play at least one more year. Standridge earned his domestic free agent option earlier this year in May and will no longer count against the foreign player limit, beginning next season. He would like to sign with a team in Japan.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/16/2017

[UPDATE 9/18 @ 4:42pm]

The Marines are apparently interested in signing Standridge to a new contract because he will no longer take up a foreign player slot.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/18/2017

[UPDATE 9/27 @ 5:37pm]

Standridge told reporters today that he would like to return to the Marines next season.

Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2017

[UPDATE 9/28 @ 8:54pm]

Standridge returned to the United States out of Narita Airport today. Before leaving, he told reporters he did not have the kind of season he was hoping for and that he was disappointed in himself because he was unable to help the team win. He again said that he hoped to return to the Marines next year to help them win a championship. He also thanked fans for their support this season.

Source: Daily Sports 9/28/2017


[8/29/2017] Jason Standridge taken off active roster

Jason Standridge was taken off the active roster today with tightness in his lower back. He first started feeling tightness in his lower back a few days ago. He was okay during his last bullpen session, but things got worse today.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/29/2017, Sponichi 8/29/2017


[8/17/2017] Jason Standridge fined for ejection

Jason Standridge was ejected for an offensive argument (argued balls and strikes) with an umpire during a game against the Nippon Ham Fighters at Sapporo Dome on August 16. The NPB commissioner’s office today announced that they gave Standridge a stern warning and a 100,000 yen fine.

Standridge has now been ejected from a game twice during his NPB career. The first time was for throwing a dangerous pitch to Craig Brazell on July 14, 2014.

Source: NPB 8/17/2017, Nikkan Sports 8/16/2017


[5/16/2017] Jason Standridge earns domestic FA option

Thirty-eight-year-old Jason Standridge earned his domestic free agent option today with eight years of service time on the active roster. He is the eighth foreign player to earn a free agent option. Beginning next year, he will no longer count against the foreign player limit.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/16/2017, Sponichi 5/16/2017, Sports Hochi 5/16/2017


Jason Standridge: Did You Know

Standridge donated 100,000 yen to the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation for every victory he recorded last season (2016). He is planning to do something against this year.

Source: Sponichi 3/14/2017


[2/7/2017] Jason Standridge’s arrival delayed

The media learned on February 6 that Jason Standridge will not be joining the team until some time during or after the last block of Ishigakijima camp (February 16-21) because of family reasons. There is a chance he might not join the team until after spring camp ends and the team heads to Okinawa on February 23.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/7/2017

[UPDATE 2/16 @ 10:37pm]

The Marines announced today that Standridge will arrive in Japan on February 21. He is slated to report to Ni-gun camp in Ishigaki-jima on February 23.

Source: Sponichi 2/16/2017, Nikkan Sports 2/16/2017


[1/5/2017] Chiba Lotte Marines sign Jason Standridge to new contract

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced today that they signed thirty-eight-year-old Jason Standridge to a new one-year contract worth an estimated 1.2 million US dollars (no change over last year).

Source: Sanspo 1/5/2017, Nikkan Sports 1/5/2017


[12/28/2016] Chiba Lotte Marines to re-sign Jason Standridge

Chiba Lotte Marines’ official Nobuhira Hayashi told reporters on December 27 that they were in the process of finalizing a new contract with Jason Standridge and that they should be able to make an official announcement after the New Year break.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/28/2016