Hiroshima Toyo Carp (広島東洋カープ)

2018 Hiroshima Carp Player Movement

Status Name JPN Name ENG Notes
丸佳浩 Yoshihiro Maru [10/13] Domestic free agent option. Lotte is interested and could offer a multi-year deal if Maru decides to use his option. One possibility is four years at around two billion yen. Maru is from Chiba and went to a high school in Chiba. Nikkan Sports 10/13/2018, Sanspo 10/13/2018, Sports Hochi 10/13/2018, Sponichi 10/13/2018

2018 Hiroshima Carp Phoenix League Roster

Pos Name JPN Name ENG
P 加藤 拓也 Takuya Kato
P 薮田 和樹 Kazuki Yabuta
P 床田 寛樹 Hiroki Tokoda
P ケムナ 誠 Makoto Kemna
P 藤井 皓哉 Koya Fujii
P 高橋 樹也 Mikiya Takahashi
P 山口 翔 Sho Yamaguchi
P 遠藤 淳志 Atsushi Endo
P 中村 祐太 Yuta Nakamura
P 平岡 敬人 Takato Hiraoka
P 岡林 飛翔 Tsubasa Okabayashi
P 藤井 黎來 Reira Fujii
P 佐々木 健 Ken Sasaki
C 中村 奨成 Shosei Nakamura
C 磯村 嘉孝 Yoshitaka Isomura
C 坂倉 将吾 Shogo Sakakura
INF 桒原 樹 Tatsuki Kuwahara
INF 青木 陸 Riku Aoki
INF 木村 聡司 Satoshi Kimura
OF 堂林 翔太 Shota Dobayashi
OF 下水流 昂 Ko Shimozuru
OF 高橋 大樹 Hiroki Takahashi
OF 永井 敦士 Atsushi Nagai
OF バティスタ Xavier Batista

Source: Hiroshima 10/5/2018


[10/1/2018] Shoichi Ino has right elbow surgery

Shoichi Ino felt some tightness in his right elbow after a start against the Yomiuri Giants on September 14. The Yokohama Bay Stars did not think it was serious at the time, but tests later revealed a bone spur. They opted for early surgery with hopes that he will be 100 percent for the 2019 season.

The Bay Stars announced today that Ino had surgery to clean his right elbow at a hospital in Yokohama. There were no complications during the procedure.

Source: Yokohama 10/1/2018, Nikkan Sports 10/1/2018, Sponichi 10/1/2018, Daily Sports 10/1/2018


[9/28/2018] Brad Eldred heads to US for additional tests on neck

The Hiroshima Carp announced that Brad Eldred will temporarily return to the United States for additional tests on his neck. There is no timetable for when he will rejoin the team.

Source: Daily Sports 9/28/2018, Sanspo 9/28/2018

[UPDATE 9/29 @ 5:24pm]

Eldred first started having problems with his neck during a three-game series against Ni-gun Orix that started on September 7. He still felt pain a few days later and it got worse when he fielded a grounder during a game. He will set a schedule after he gets the neck checked out.

Source: Sponichi 9/29/2018, Daily Sports 9/29/2018


[9/27/2018] Soichiro Amaya planning to retire

The Hiroshima Carp announced on September 27 that this will be Soichiro Amaya’s last year. The thirty-four-year-old approached the Carp about retiring and they accepted. A press conference is scheduled for October 4.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/27/2018, Daily Sports 9/27/2018, Sanspo 9/27/2018, Sponichi 9/27/2018


[9/26/2018] Hiroshima Carp clinch third consecutive Central League pennant

The Hiroshima Carp blanked the Yakult Swallows tonight at Mazda Stadium 10-0 and picked up their third consecutive, ninth overall (1975, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1986, 1991, 2016, 2017, 2018), Central League pennant. The Carp clinched at home for the first time since 1991.

Some notes:

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Notes from 9/27 @ 1:29pm:

Source: Sanspo 9/27/2018, Sponichi 9/27/2018, Nikkan Sports 9/27/2018


[9/25/2018] Hiroshima Carp hit two million in attendance

The Hiroshima Carp hit two million in attendance for the fourth year in a row.

Source: Hiroshima 9/25/2018



[9/5/2018] Takahiro Arai to retire after the season

Forty-one-year-old Takahiro Arai held a press conference at Mazda Stadium earlier today to announce his plans to retire after the season. Points taken from his press conference:

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/5/2018, Tokyo Sports 9/5/2018, Sports Hochi 9/5/2018, Sports Hochi 9/5/2018, Sponichi 9/5/2018, Sponichi 9/5/2018, Daily Sports 9/5/2018, Daily Sports 9/5/2018, Daily Sports 9/5/2018


Ryosuke Kikuchi: Did You Know



September 29 vs Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome – Kikuchi recorded the 250th sac hit of his career in the third inning and became the twentieth player in NPB history to reach the milestone. He joined Kozo Shoda and Akihiro Higashide as the only players in Carp history to record 250 sac hits.

Source: Daily Sports 9/29/2018, Sponichi 9/29/2018, Nikkan Sports 9/29/2018


Kikuchi is a Ghibli fan. He likes to unwind and watch Ghibli films on his day off.

Source: ZakZak 9/3/2018


Geronimo Franzua: Did You Know



August 29 vs Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome – Franzua pitched in his seventeenth game of the month and set a new Carp record for appearances in a month. The seventeen appearances also tied the Central League record.

Source: Daily Sports 8/29/2018

August 30 vs Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome – Franzua pitched the eighth and set a new CL record with eighteen appearances in one month. He also tied the NPB record for appearances in a month by a pitcher, held by Kazuhisa Inao (September 1956) and Naoya Masuda (May 2013).

Source: Sponichi 8/30/2018, Daily Sports 8/30/2018, Nikkan Sports 8/30/2018